Hedging for the Gigafactory Boom

Northern Graphite’s chief salesman, Marco Zvanik, is interviewed regarding the coming graphite constraints and what clients can do to ensure supply ahead of a global graphite deficit that is forecast for 2025.

Pioneering Battery Anode Material Production

Northern Graphite recently announced the establishment of its Battery Materials Group. “We’re not just a graphite miner anymore,” says Hugues Jacquemin. Learn more about how the new group sets Northern apart as a mine-to-market-to battery company. 

EIU: Graphite Prices to Surge

In a special presentation during Northern Graphite’s inaugural Investor Day, EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Lead Commodities Analyst Matt Sherwood explored how the evolving dynamics of the US-China trade tit-for-tat is turning into a battle over critical minerals, including graphite.

Graphite: To the Top of the List

Northern Graphite Chief Executive Hugues Jacquemin outlines the impact on graphite from the proposed measures by the Biden administration to hold back tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”) to vehicles made using battery components or raw materials sourced in Foreign Entities of Concern (“FEOC”).

Natural Vs Synthetic Graphite

In the latest in our Perspectives series, Northern Graphite Chief Executive Hugues Jacquemin wades into the growing debate about whether it will be natural or synthetic graphite that leads Lithium-Ion batteries into the future, and whether this is an either/or, or an AND conversation.

A Tale of Two Markets

Will Graphite Prices Bifurcate?: The days when the fortunes of global graphite markets waxed and waned with the amount of graphite China sold into the global market will recede into the rearview mirror. In our second Perspectives piece, A Tale of Two Markets, Hugues Jacquemin outlines why.

Preparing for Higher Graphite Prices

Conversation with a Graphite Salesman: Graphite’s current low prices may have lulled users into a false sense of security, but multiple demand drivers are on the horizon and prices will rise, considerably and sooner than later. In this interview Marco Zvanik looks at how, when and why coming graphite demand growth will impact industries ranging from traditional market like steelmaking and construction to the fast-growing market for electric vehicles and Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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