Partnering with Value-added Manufacturers

Products Overview

For over 30 years, Northern Graphite’s Lac des Iles mine in Quebec has been providing clients with products used for key industries, such as refractory bricks for steel making, heat management in mobile phones, and friction and lubrication products for brakes and brake linings for the global automobile industry, among many other applications. Processing graphite isn’t just a task; it’s a precision art. Each crafted carbon solution is tailored to the unique requirements of these industries, leveraging the wealth of experience and trusted relationships that Northern Graphite has cultivated over the years.

In 2024 Northern Graphite acquired the exclusive license to develop, produce and sell Porocarb® - a synthetic, high-performance porous hard carbon material developed over the last 10 years and patented by Germany’s Heraeus Group to enhance the efficiency and speed of energy storage mechanisms.

Flake Graphite Data Sheet

Porocarb® Data Sheet

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