Sustainability through Strong ESG Commitment

Sustainability Overview 

Northern Graphite’s contribution to the energy sector is underlined by a commitment to sustainability, aligning with global initiatives for clean and efficient energy solutions. We aim to contribute positively to the global graphite market by leveraging our expertise, advanced technologies and a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility to provide sustainable solutions that help the world decarbonize.

At Northern Graphite we are committed to meeting increasing demand for graphite to build a sustainable future with mining practices and manufacturing processes that contribute to building a cleaner, greener world and global economy. A sustainable energy transition will only be possible if the materials used to equip it are produced sustainably, and we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Health & Safety

  • Everyone safe, all the time
  • Industry-leading safety procedures and behaviours

Inclusion, Equity & DIversity

  • We are driving the energy transition:
    50% female across the company by 2030
  • Every employee feels free to bring their whole self to work

Partnering with Local Communities

Committed to working together, creating sustainable opportunities for future generations

  • Engaging with First Nations
  • Prioritizing local vendors for supply and services
  • Recruiting and training

Protecting the Environment with Sustainable Mining

Targeting a carbon neutral product stream by 2039

  • Water and dust management
  • Solar power at Okanjande
  • Hydropower at Baie-Comeau
  • Continuous mine site remediation


Working together now to enable a greener tomorrow

Our People,
Our communities,
Our customers,
Our world.

We are not
doing this alone,
we are part of
the solution

We are more
than just the
energy transition;
we supply products
that help the world

The change starts
now, we are not
waiting but
improving every day,
for us and for
out children

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