First Mover Advantage

Investor Overview

Why Invest?

Northern’s strategy is to leverage our unique position as North America’s only graphite producer to become a vertically integrated mine-to-market company, meeting the growing needs of North American and European markets by producing graphite, supplying battery anode material and redefining carbon material solutions for industrial markets.


  • North America’s only graphite producer​
  • Integrated, North America mine-to-market supply​ means sole alternative to China ​
  • Planning to build NA’s largest Battery ​Anode Materials (BAM) plant​

Security of Supply

  • IRA compliant supply to North America’s EV revolution​
  • Close to NA’s Battery Belt​
  • ​Near-shoring of battery minerals supply chains

Meeting Market Demand

  • Poised to supply western world supply crunch and production deficit
  • Scalable production growth in line with EV demand growth​​

Experienced Leadership

  • Proven leadership in global graphite mining, processing and transforming carbon materials​​

Innovation Unleashed

Northern has a unique opportunity to provide secure supplies of graphite from its mines to meet North America and Europe’s growing demand for graphite. It is currently the only North American alternative to Chinese supplied graphite.

Owning the only producing graphite mine in North America provides Northern with a first mover advantage. We have an established customer base, and we are in advanced discussions with battery markets and governments in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Our mine-to-market, vertically integrated strategy is a unique value proposition.

From time to time, Northern Graphite will share information with shareholders, investors and analysts on our projects and our plans for the future. Please note these materials were created as of the dates listed and reflected management views as of those dates. Investors should not assume that statements made in these materials remain operative at a later time.

Scaling Mine-to-Battery Capabilities


Northern Graphite Industry Activities

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