The Macroporous Carbon


Northern Graphite holds the exclusive license to develop, produce and sell Porocarb® - a synthetic, high-performance porous hard carbon material developed over the last 10 years and patented by Heraeus to enhance the efficiency and speed of energy storage mechanisms.

The single particles of Porocarb® comprises a well-defined network of interconnected macropores that serve as reservoirs or transport routes providing unique functionality and performance-enhancing capabilities.

Porocarb® can be tailored from the mechanically stable backbone to the pores, opening opportunities to incorporate macropores into the application – an innovative design factor that delivers significant benefits including next-generation battery systems, including lithium-Ion batteries and all solid-state batteries.

Our Porocarb® product portfolio offers different grades enabling tailored solutions for your application.

Find our product data sheets here. 

Optimized Battery Performance:
Case Studies in Porocarb®

Learn how our high-performance carbon additive Porocarb® can enhance your battery

Porocarb® improves
the heat dissipation and
prolongs life time of batteries

Porocarb® improves the heat dissipation of your cell enabling longer usage time

Porocarb® increases
the discharge voltage and
capacity of LFP battery

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