Porocarb Products

Porocarb® Products

Synthetic conductive carbon additives to address various energy storage systems, in particular Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fuel Cells.

Porocarb® is an innovative platform of synthetic macro-porous carbon materials. The single particles of Porocarb® contain a well-defined network of interconnected macro-pores which can be filled with liquids, gases or solids. The pores serve as reservoirs, transport routes, filters or anchor points. Porocarb® can be tuned from the mechanically stable backbone to the pores and opens the opportunity to incorporate macro-pores in electrodes – an innovative design factor delivering benefits for next generation systems.

Porocarb® Customizable Carbon Additives Data Sheets

Porocarb L1104Porocarb L1106
Porocarb L1108Porocarb L1108s
Porocarb L1110Porocarb L1804
Porocarb L1806Porocarb L1808
Porocarb L1810


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