Bridging the Gap Between Graphite Mining
and the Upstream Battery Market

Battery Materials Overview

NGC Battery Materials (NGCBM) was formed in 2024 to spearhead Northern’s mine-to-battery strategy, offer innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of the battery market and provide tailored solutions to our customers. 

Carbon-based battery materials are key components for advanced battery technologies and carbon-based materials like graphite deliver high-performance energy storage solutions with exceptional efficiency and reliability. These materials enable batteries to operate at peak efficiency, ensuring reliable power delivery for various applications. 

Our portfolio includes a range of carbon-based materials, including graphite and macroporous carbons, that play a pivotal role in shaping the future of battery technology. By leveraging carbon-based materials, we’re driving sustainability in the energy sector.

Innovative Battery Tech: Porocarb®

  • Advanced porous hard carbon for next-gen solid-state battery anodes
  • Boosts energy storage speed and efficiency in Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Under evaluation by leading global battery manufacturers

Expert Team: Mining Meets Battery Science

  • A team of seasoned PhDs and scientists specializing in carbon materials, electrochemistry, and battery tech
  • Deep expertise in developing and placing carbon materials for Lithium-Ion batteries

State-of-the-art Lab: Tailoring Battery Solutions

  • German-based lab equipped with cutting-edge techniques for carbon and battery material analysis
  • Comprehensive electrochemical and physical battery material evaluations
  • Strategic German location for serving European and global markets

North America’s Largest Battery Anode Facility

  • BMG overseeing the 200,000 tpy Baie-Comeau Battery Anode Material facility development
  • Construction set for 2026, with modular design for OEMs and EV battery makers’ specific needs
  • Advanced facility for milling, shaping, purification, and coating of graphite flakes

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