Enhance Your Battery

Northern Graphite holds the exclusive license to develop, produce and sell Porocarb – a porous carbon material used as a performance additive in batteries. The single particles of Porocarb contain a well-defined network of interconnected macropores which can serve as reservoirs or transport routes providing unique functionality and performance-enhancing capabilities. Porocarb can be tailored from the mechanically stable backbone to the pores, opening up opportunities to incorporate macropores in electrodes – an innovative design factor that delivers significant benefits for next-generation battery systems, including lithium-Ion batteries and all solid state batteries.

Porocarb was developed by a Germany-based team of highly qualified experts includes PhDs and scientists with a strong background in carbon materials, electrochemistry, and batteries brings extensive knowledge and years of experience in the development, production, and product placement of carbon materials for batteries (focus on lithium-Ion batteries) who now make up Northern’s Battery Materials Group. They operate out of a fully operational, state-of-the-art laboratory in Frankfurt to provide a wide range of advanced characterization techniques for carbon and battery materials. This includes electrochemical characterizations on coin cell level, as well as a comprehensive set of chemical and physical characterization methods for battery materials.

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Battery Materials Group

Northern’s Battery Materials Group was formed in 2024 to bridge the gap between the mining sector and the upstream battery market sector with the intent to offer innovative new solutions to meet the growing demands of the battery market and provide tailored solutions to our customers.

Utilizing the expertise of the Battery Materials Group, Northern Graphite is strategically planning to launch a Battery Active Material (BAM) production facility. This initiative is driven by the increasing demand in the battery market and aims to meet this demand by offering exceptional quality and customized battery materials. By establishing the BAM production site, Northern Graphite will solidify its position as supplier of graphite solutions for the rapidly expanding energy storage industry.